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Berkeley SkyDeck Is Calling on Startups from Around the World – And Helps them Relocate to Silicon Valley

The Acceleration program is designed for non-US founders aiming to become unicorns, offering direct access to Silicon Valley through the resources of the entire UC Berkeley ecosystem – and helping them relocate.

By SWB Team

Berkeley SkyDeck, an acceleration program run by the University of California, Berkeley, is looking for non-american founders from around the world. The program looks for startups that have developed their technology prior, or have customer traction through pilots or revenue. But they do also accept early stage startups with strong founders!

Silicon Valley is the Mecca for entrepreneurs; the best place to build a unicorn. No other location in the world offers such a high concentration of investors willing to take risks on early stage founders. Plus, there’s now a wave of US enterprises consistently eager to become early adopters of groundbreaking technology. That’s why SkyDeck supports startups transition to the US, by connecting them to the best resources and advisors.

They also help solve the practical issues behind relocation – including immigration law, housing, insurance, and much more. So far, we have successfully helped dozens of non-US startups relocate to Silicon Valley.

Backed by top venture capital firms, Berkeley SkyDeck has established close relationships with hundreds of early stage investors. During the final month of the program, they invite the top 100 investment firms in Silicon Valley to connect with their companies. The program finishes with a Demo Day attended by over 650 investors.

Main Photo: Courtesy of UC Berkeley
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