Month: July 2018

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Meet the Entrepreneur Connecting Syrian artisans in Jordan with Markets Abroad

By Yasmeen Smadi It’s Monday evening and I’m driving through the streets of Amman, the windows rolled down to enjoy the spring breeze, as I head off to the city’s Business Park to meet Saleem Najjar, the co-founder of Sharqi Shop. Sharqi Shop is a market place that enables Middle Eastern artisans to sell their …...

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“This is the Positive Consequence of War; Women were Forced to Get Out of the Cocoon we Were Living in”

We speak to Souad Mohamed, the Syrian power woman who transformed personal trauma into a tale of leadership. by Yasmeen Smadi and Lenah Hafez Souad strolls around the Greek Campus, her brown backpack on, filming every detail of the all-female conference She Can, that is taking over the largest tech valley in the Egyptian capital....

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New in Lebanon? Here’s a Guide to the Levantine Startup Ecosystem

From funding opportunities, to accelerators and co-working spaces, Azrin Rahman takes us through the startup ecosystem in Lebanon. By Azrin Rahman The startup ecosystem in Lebanon has been growing since 2014, when Banque du Liban began the program Circular 331, in hopes of boosting the ecosystem with $400 million capital. With its...

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Become a Migrapreneur with ME4Change in Italy, Finland, Germany or Belgium

ME4Change has just opened applications for their Migrapreneurs program, an entrepreneurship training course for participants to gain practical knowledge in starting their business. The course will start in spring 2018 and will be delivered by highly qualified trainers in the city of Milan, Helsinki, Berlin and Brussels, with some online...

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UK’s Centre for Entrepreneurship Released a New Report on Refugee Entrepreneurs

In March 2018, the Centre for Entrepreneurs – the UK’s entrepreneurship think tank – published ‘Starting afresh: How entrepreneurship is transforming the lives of resettled refugees’. The report makes a compelling case about why refugees possess many entrepreneurial traits, how they can contribute to the UK as business...

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After a Bomb Goes Off, Families Cannot Pick Up the Phone. But this Migrant Entrepreneur is Changing That

Human bodies as routers? According to Syrian entrepreneur Abdulrahman Alashraf, this technology could help people communicate during emergencies. by Shadw Helal and Valentina Primo ‘’In Syria, the military disconnects all mobile networks, the internet, the electricity, and people are completely isolated – they open it after few...

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The Ultimate Dictionary: 33 Concepts Every New Entrepreneur Needs to Learn When Building a Startup

By Azrin Rahman UVP, MVP, TAM; are you getting lost in the acronyms? Startup jargon can sometimes seem like a whole new language; so we’ve put together a list of terms and concepts to help guide you through this new, exciting world. Competitive Analysis: Analyzing all potential competition (direct or indirect). Direct competition:...

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