Month: May 2022

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Startups Without Borders Partners with WeMakeFuture to Offer International Startups Free Exhibition Space

From June 16-18, innovative startups have a chance to take part in the World Startup Fest, an event dedicated to startups and scaleups from all over the world taking place in the Rimini Expo Centre and online. Selected participants will get a free booth to exhibit their startups to some of the biggest Italian investors. …...

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PODCAST: How a 20-Year-Old Entrepreneur Stood Up for Blue-Collar Workers in Dubai

Young social entrepreneur Spandana Palaypu founded ZoEasy in 2016, in an effort to make the employment systems in Dubai more transparent. In episode 33 of the Startups Without Borders podcast, Spandana tells the story behind ZoEasy and spills the beans on the tactics and mindset that allowed her to take seemingly impossible chances and...

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Startup Africa Roadtrip Takes African Entrepreneurs on a Tour of the Italian Ecosystem

6 African startup teams were brought together for Startup Africa Roadshow’s ‘Startup Africa Day’ in Milan and Turin, where they listened to the pitch of 6 Ugandan and Kenyan entrepreneurial teams and presentations, all whilst making the most of a fantastic networking opportunity granted by the countless Italian startups, companies,...

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PODCAST: How This Nigerian Entrepreneur Found Her Purpose 3,000 km Away from Home

In Episode 34 of the Startups Without Borders Podcast, Jane Oma dives into the mindset that allowed her to overcome the challenges of moving to an entirely new part of the world. From almost falling into depression, having no way to communicate to locals, to becoming an advisor at the Geneva Business School and founding …...

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