Month: October 2022

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VIDEO: 3 Middle Eastern Female Founders that Will Surprise You

Hailing from Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon, female founders Nada Ghanem, Samah Ayyad and Nowar Rahmouni are re-shaping the face of the Middle East’s innovative scene. Meet the entrepreneurs of our Startups on the Move Incubation Program. By SWB Team  The Startups On the Move incubation program, built by Startups Without Borders in...

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Startups Without Borders Launches “Diversity Innovation Days” to support migrant and local entrepreneurs in Rome

The program, created in partnership with the American Embassy in Rome and creative agency BeLoud, will take 200 young Italians and migrants through a journey to transform their innovative ideas into concrete startup projects.  Startups Without Borders is partnering with the American Embassy in Rome and BeLoud to launch Diversity...

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