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Meet the 10 Women-Led Startups Graduating from India’s Brand New Accelerator Rebalance

Rebalance accelerator just launched its first batch in August 2019 with 10 diverse founding teams from across India. 

By SWB Team

India’s new accelerator, Rebalance, has just announced its first cohort of female-led startups. The program is dedicated to accelerating women-led startups in entrepreneurship and venture capital and is early-stage and scale-up program.

Founded by Vikas Kumar and Aishwarya Malhi, the program aims to enhance diversity, as well as providing the perspective, vision, and clarity needed to scale the businesses, while scouting for talents from across different cities in India. 

Raising diversity as its core value, Rebalance hosts companies at various stages, from pre-revenue tech companies to those that had achieved multiple global clients. The 14-week cohort also gathered entrepreneurs from different age ranges, leaving much room to learn across generations as well as to teach.

The participating companies were spread out across diversity of industries such as health & wellness, consumer brands, food-on-demand, education, language & cultural transliteration, deep technology, voice commerce, environmental sanitation, ethical pet adoption, and sexual and mental health of adolescents. 

The 10 graduating startups are:

YFret: An AI-driven, real-time marketing engine that is capturing the future of commerce.

Language Curry: An app that enables foreign to Indian language learning easy and culturally relevant.

Larder: A 24/7, automated mini-retail booth that gives you access to the best brands, anywhere, anytime.

Kiwi: A platform for farmers in India to deliver health-conscious food and uniquely designs their product display based on the consumer’s life stage/ailments.

Mr n Mrs. Pet: An organizing and shaping ethical pet sourcing and parenting platform in India.

Tea Trunk: A global, premium tea brand from India crafting wellness teas for the new generation of health-conscious consumers.

ThatMate: A platform that helps to build an ecosystem that leverages technology to bridge the gap in the sexual and mental health of adolescents, worldwide.

Espresso Labs: It’s an adding voice to enterprises. Their first product Hello Suite customizes Alexa and Google Home to enhance guest experiences across hotels and assist hotels in upselling their services.

AuthMetrik: A platform that helps companies increase revenue by stopping unauthorized sharing of subscription accounts using keystroke dynamics.

Safalgram: A company that builds self-cleaning, evapotranspiration toilets to break the open-defecation cycle for 626 million Indians by moving the focus from mere reach to “real usage”.

The program first cohort invited up to 10 early-stage startups with at least one female founder, scalable tech-enabled/technology/impact tech/social impact startups, with minimum viable traction and shape their ventures to a level where founders can scale either through customer acquisition or raise seed funding. 

Rebalance hosted its first cohort in Delhi, planning to host future batches in other cities as they grow.

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