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Entrepreneurs in France! SINGA expands in Lyon and Paris

The incubator extends the registration to its program in Lyon and Paris. If you are an entrepreneur based in France and have been displaced, apply today. Deadline: September 15th. 

By SWB Team

SINGA Business Lab France has launched an open call to its program that aims to support migrant and refugee entrepreneurs in Lyon and Paris. The incubator encourages projects contributing to innovation in the migration sector. This six-month program offers a diverse range of services and resources to support entrepreneurs and their project development. 

The Incubator provides plenty of benefits to the participating startups in this program, such as; functional workspace, entrepreneurship and leadership training sessions led by professionals and corporate partners, as well as numerous contacts with professionals, experts, and mentors who will provide support and guidance in the participants’ strategic thinking.

Participant startups can also benefit from the collective and creative thinking through group workshops, in addition to the access to a professional network of mentors and experts and the development that comes with meeting partners and clients. Along with the exposure access opportunities by attending events and press contacts. 

The applicants should be available in Paris or Lyon from September 2019 to March 2020, and the project’s goal should encourage the inclusion of refugees and the construction of their relationships with host communities 

The incubation period takes place from the 14th of October to the 31st of March, to apply and know more details, click this link

Main photo: Jorge Franganillo, Creative Commons license.

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