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[VIDEO] 10 Startups reshaping the face of innovation in Italy

Last September, Startups Without Borders concluded the Diversity Innovation Days, a program led in partnership with the American Embassy in Rome and Beloud to support 100+ entrepreneurs to launch their businesses.

By SWB Team

After 4 hackathons, one webinar, and a series of mentorship sessions, the Diversity Innovation Days gathered over 150 innovators from over 20 diverse nationalities, mentors, investors and trainers to support the building of successful entrepreneurial projects.

The final event, held during Rome Startup Week, saw the 10 finalist startups presenting their pitches to a jury of prominent investors, mentors and corporates from across Italy and Europe. 

Meet the 10 valiant startups: 

1. Shares of Blue 

Founded by Marijana Krstić, Silvia Cavicchioli, and Sofia Sabatucci, Shades of Blue is dedicated to addressing the issue of global water pollution through a rating scale representing different stages of water quality and corporate performance. SoB aims to guide businesses toward a path of improvement, encouraging them to make the water they use as clean as possible and adopt higher sustainability standards.

2. Parko 

Founded by Khaled Megahed, Parko was the winner of the Diversity Innovation Days, with irs parking solution that addresses environmental pollution and inefficiencies in parking. His solution is based on a smart IoT platform that optimizes the user experience and increases profitability by repurposing existing devices to tackle one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

3. World in Progress 

WIP (World in Progress) is an innovative solution in the agricultural sector that addresses the challenges of traditional farming, such as intensive land use, water resources, and dependence on weather conditions. Founded by Giorgio di Sarno and Federico Polella, WIP has adopted hydroponic agriculture, significantly reducing water consumption and pesticide use. Their novelty lies in container-based stackable logistics, an idea that revolutionizes the industry.

4. Comodo 

Comodo is committed to addressing critical challenges in the restaurant industry, including high costs, limited resource availability, and the complexity of finding qualified staff. Founded by Pietro Lisi and Tali Ramon, their solution involves a platform where users can book consultations from highly skilled professionals to optimize resources and control costs..

5. Team Different 

Founded by Lorenzo Tedeschi, Riccardo Ciciriello, and Felice Paparusso, Team Different is committed to addressing the growing issue of worker burnout, which has led to significant resignations due to work-related stress and a notable impact on mental health within organizational dynamics. Their mission is focused on ensuring well-being and productivity in an increasingly demanding work environment.

6. BoostEd

Founded by Claudia Caperna and Francesca Berardi, BoostEd is the solution to inefficiency in studying and academic dropout. We use artificial intelligence to create concept maps, quizzes, and podcasts that enhance students’ learning, helping them develop a deeper understanding and reducing the risk of dropping out. An innovation for academic success.

7. Dotdot Space 

DotDotSpace , founded by Ian Tognon and Dario Giacalone, is a startup dedicated to addressing the challenges related to video production accessibility and complexity, tackling the high costs of equipment, logistical challenges, and the need for specific skills. Their solution simplifies the video production process, making it efficient to identify locations, select necessary equipment, and expertise.

8. HijabMondo 

Hijabmondo, founded by Sara Sarhan and Aya Mansour, is a startup addressing challenges related to employment, corporate diversity, and inclusion, with a focus on job opportunities for women wearing the hijab, corporate diversity, and support for Italian SMEs in diversity and inclusion practices. The proposed solution is an inclusive community, facilitating dialogue between companies and women wearing the hijab.

9. EduKai 

Edukai, by Andrea de Cosmo, provides advanced solutions that simplify the creation of 3D model assets based on real data, enhancing educational interactivity and making 3D data integration accessible even to those without technical backgrounds, through the use of generative artificial intelligence.

10. Cadabra 

Cadabra, founded by Leonardo Davini, Marco Ferrante, and Francesco Rollo, is an innovative digital platform that leverages gamification, AI, and charitable donations. It incentivizes buying and selling, streamlining the process with AI, and allows users to do good by contributing to charities like UNICEF.

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