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5 Talks From the Startups Without Borders Summit to Watch Over and Over Again

The summit is over but the thrill is not! As we concluded our second Startups Without Borders Summit last November 14th, we take a look at 5 unforgettable talks that left the audience in awe. From media powerhouses to startup masterminds, here’s 5 speakers you should rewatch.

By SWB Team 

It’s a new decade; it’s a new year, yet the calendar doesn’t state the obvious reality that 2020 taught us. We live in a brand new world, and the rules have completely changed. As we dive into 2021, we take a look back at some of the Startups Without Borders Summit’s most impactful speakers, as they unveil the tactics, tips, and strategies to build successful startups in the post-pandemic world. Here’s 5 talks to rewatch.

1. Cutting through the noise: Getting People to Use your Product

In this power-packed fireside, Anthony Rose, “the man who saved the BBC” sits down with Egyptian media mogul Amy Mowafi to crack the code behind making a company stand out and become an industry leader.

2. The Mindset You Need to Take Risks, by Roberto Croci

The biggest killer for an entrepreneurial mindset is not failure, obstacles, or bad ideas: it’s doubt. In this inspiring talk, Roberto Croci – the Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups in MEA – unveils the keys to developing a daring mindset – even when uncertainty leaves us full of doubts.

3. How to Build a Product People Love – Even in Lockdown

Managing Director of Techstars London, Eamonn Carey takes the summit attendees on a journey that explains how most products fail because we waste time, money, and efforts building something nobody wants. But in a speedlighting-fast changing consumer space, how can we understand what customers want today?

4. Life After Raising Investment

A look behind the scenes of every entrepreneur’s holy grail: the investment round, with Karima El Hakim, Caroline Tarr, Included VC Fellow and President of the Wominvest Observatory, Iain Mc Intyre, Co-founder and CEO at HUMM, and Christie Pitts, General Partner at Backstage Capital. What changes after a startup raises capital? How do investors influence and affect the team’s dynamics? And what are the expectations from both sides? Join this exciting conversation with founders and investors across 3 continents.

5. Covid19, Bitcoin, and a Refugee Camp: Lessons from the Invisible Man

Tey El Rjula spent two years in a refugee camp in the Netherlands. But his experience with bitcoin inspired him to change the ID system through revolutionary technology: blockchain. Just as he launched his new book. ‘The Invisible Son,’ Tey shares 3 lessons he learned in his journey.


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