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Netherlands’ Forward Incubator Opens Applications for the Digital Entrepreneurship Program for Newcomers

Forward Incubator‘s Digital Entrepreneurship program has just opened applications. The incubator is looking for newcomer entrepreneurs from around the world to join their 10-week program.

By SWB Team

Applications are open to all newcomers around the world! Netherland-based Forward Incubator has just opened applications for its Digital Entrepreneurship Program, a home-based program that takes newcomer entrepreneurs through a journey to build their business.

The program, which takes off on January 11th and runs for 10 weeks, offers a learning path in an environment in which each entrepreneur can manage their own learning schedule.

Forward Incubator, previously called Refugees Forward, is a non-profit organization that aims for the economic empowerment of newcomers and their integration into local communities. Last week, the Netherlands-based incubator partnered with ABN AMRO Bank to organize Money Moves Forward, an Investment Pitch Event, online, offering startups the chance to pitch their businesses in front of 30 investors.

Through their online program, Forward Incubator will support all entrepreneurs with weekly progress meetings to go over content and answer the participants’ questions. The program is run fully online and takes nearly 8 hrs per week.

Apply on their website. Deadline: 31st of December. 

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