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5 Tips to Grow Your Business on Social Media: The Ultimate Guide

COVID-19 has remarkably slowed down the digital presence of many businesses, yet with some easy tricks you can get the “likes” button buzzing and speed up your way to grow your business on social media.

By Salma Arafa

Whether you have an established startup, or you are still working on your business plan, social media is a vital tool for your business’ success. With the right clicks and some catchy captions, you can easily get your business’s digital marketing to the next level.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you, hack your way through the digital platforms and “virtually” flourish your business.

1. The 80/20 Rule

Most users go on social media platforms for entertainment, during their leisure time. From posting their favorite selfies, and sharing memes to networking with their peers, social media is mainly used to “Socialize”. Using a “call-to-action” language, like “Fill the application,” “Apply now,” “Buy our Product,” might not be the best strategy to follow, when it comes to digital marketing.

People like stories, visuals, and engaging content. Hence, the next time you post on social media, think of The 80/20 Rule, which entitles that 80 percent of your content on social media should tell your story, entertain your target audience, and inform them about your industry, where only 20 percent should directly promote your business.

Turn your business’ social media accounts to a virtual experience that tells your story, and highlights your business’ goals, instead of making it a boring “Sales Presentation.”

2. Mood Board for the Unbored

Having a consistent content stream on different social media platforms should be at the top of your list, as it makes your digital feed aesthetically appealing and more interesting for your target audience. Moreover, unifying your brand communication and messages is one of the most important applications of brand management. In order to send a unified message through all your social media accounts, it would be efficient to create a Mood Board.

A Mood Board would be a space where you gather all things related to your brand communication, including the logo, your brand’s color palette, and relevant keywords, hashtags and emojis. In addition, it sets the mood of your brand’s visual identity, including typography, shapes and patterns.

This hack would make content curation easier and would also help in sending a consistent story that accentuates the brand’s voice. So, why not try it? A mood board for the unbored.

3. Tailored Content

Every social media platform has its own identity and uses. Sharing the same content and visuals on all your brand’s social media accounts would not be of great help in boosting your business. Try to curate and customize posts for each digital platform.

Here is an example of the same announcement taken from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

You can share the same announcement or information on social media, yet each platform requires some key-features, for higher engagement. When it comes to posting on Facebook, it is recommended to share videos, hashtags, live videos, and lastly curated third-party content that is related to your business. As for Instagram, it is better to focus on high-resolution visuals, inspiring quotes, and engaging content on Instagram’s stories.

When curating content for LinkedIn, keep it short and only post your company’s news, open vacancies, and work-related content. As for Twitter, it would be efficient to share news and blog posts and write more shorter captions.

4. Put a Smiley on It

Emojis are often perceived as unprofessional or over-friendly, when used in any business communication. Yet, if your startup targets millennials or young age groups, it will be useful to put a smiley on it!

Emojis create a friendly and approachable image for your business and make your captions more catchy and easier to read. However, it is indispensable to only use emojis relevant to your business or product. Try to avoid any “love” emojis as it might be easily misperceived.

5. Dear Sir/Madam

A trick that seem very simple yet has a great impact on your business’ engagement and image is “names.” Recalling customers names when replying to messages, DMs, comments or emails, makes a huge difference, as it shows that your brand cares about its customers.

Moreover, the true essence of social media is to socialize and network with others. Hence, it is important to have an overall friendly and positive tone in your brand communication. Try to always be friendly and approachable with your customers. Make connections, like people’s comments, and make them truly feel that they are heard and cared for.

Boosting your business digitally and getting more engagement on your social media platforms is not an easy task, yet with these simple tricks, you would get many users to hit the “Like” button.

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