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Egypt’s AUC is Calling for Students to Join the COVID-19 Online Regional Hackathon

The university is inviting students in the MENA region to join the COVID-19 Online Regional Hackathon, organized by the AUC School of Business, together with the  Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI). The event, which will be online, will cover three main domains: Healthcare System Support, Life Continuity, and Wellbeing.

By Muna Alram

The 3-days event opens with a call for students and mentors who are ready to pitch in their ideas and experience to solve the implications of COVID-19. Participants bring in their ideas will form teams according to their skills and interests, aiming to create functioning software or hardware by the end of the event.

But the hackathon is not only for developers. Being the first of its kind and being organized by AUC’s School of Business, it has the objective of calling for unity against the crisis and teaching students through experiments. It provides students with a unique learning experience on how to build different components of a response system that helps people, businesses, and nations deal with the disruption gracefully.  

Registration is open to all beginning entrepreneurs, mentors, students, and everyone who wants to get involved and join forces in the fight against the coronavirus and its impacts. The hackathon will enable participants to form teams across members from the MENA region, using design thinking methodologies to find applicable, quick, and vital solutions. 

In collaboration with 20+ partners in various sectors, the Hackathon aims at building a crisis response system. It leverages on the entrepreneurship momentum in the region amidst the challenges faced by the  COVID-19. The hackathon’s main axes are: innovation through design sprints,  rapid solution development through brainstorming, community engagement through crowdsourcing, and accessibility to existing grants and mentorship,

The event, which will be online, will cover three main domains; Healthcare System Support, Life Continuity, and Wellbeing. Over the spread of the 3 days, participants will go through three stages: Defining the core problem; researching the current efforts to tackle similar challenges; and building the model and business plan for various solutions.

The HACK-19 has emerged as prime places for networking, entrepreneurial pitching, and, in many cases, winning funding during the crisis. For this reason, it’s a one of a kind opportunity to invest your time and effort in it. You can join and become the next solution innovator HERE.

You can join as a mentor and help set the teams and projects for success, HERE. You can also find more information at [email protected]                                             

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