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India’s Rebalance Accelerator Opens Applications for Refugee and Migrant Entrepreneurs

Applications for Rebalance Accelerator Cohort 2 are now open for female, migrant and refugee entrepreneurs in India, for their 14-week program in Delhi.

By SWB Team 

India’s new accelerator, Rebalance, has announced that they are accepting applications for their cohort of female-led startups in Delhi. The program is dedicated to accelerating women-led startups in entrepreneurship and venture capital, with a focus on early-stage startups.

Founded by Vikas Kumar and Aishwarya Malhi, Rebalance accelerts companies at various stages, from pre-revenue tech companies to those that achieved multiple global clients. The program, which runs for 13 weeks, aims to enhance diversity, as well as providing the perspective, vision, and clarity needed to scale the businesses.

With diversity as its core value, the program is calling on migrant and refugee entrepreneurs to apply, while scouting for talents from across different cities in India.

In their previous cohort, they’ve worked with 10 startups, 17 diverse founders from 7 cities across India.
If you’re a startup with at least one woman as a co-founder, apply today, or recommend us to a friend who is looking to grow her business to the next level.
You can apply here.
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