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Injaz Egypt is Looking for the Country’s Most Epic Entrepreneurs

INJAZ Egypt is looking for the youth’s most talented, innovative and committed teams with an epic determination to make things happen so join the 9th cycle of Start Up Egypt.

By SWB Team

Start Up Egypt, is an educational, talent seeking program, supporting the visions of ambitious innovators between the ages of 21-30; transforming the mere business ideas of the youth to well-established, running startups. The program provides its participants with a series of entrepreneurship infused trainings, bootcamp, and mentorship sessions with key figures in the ecosystem.

The first phase of the program, Ideation, takes 35 ideas, with a passionate, skilled team on a journey of exploration, resulting in strong business ideas. The phase ends with the teams presenting their progress and roadmap, validating their concepts to a panel of judges.

The teams that make it to the second phase, Validation, are exposed to deeper, more advanced concepts of entrepreneurship. During this period, participants work on building and validating their business model, understanding their market, and developing their prototypes. The teams are prepared to pitch for seed funding in front of a panel of judges during our Showcase Night, resulting in the selection of 5 to 8 teams to subsequently enter the final phase of the program.

Apply before December 20th, 2019 here.

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