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5 Must-Attend Workshops at the Startups Without Borders Summit to Unleash Your Startup

As we gear up for the first Startups Without Borders Summit to take place on 8th and 9th of November, we’ve prepared two days full of pioneer speakers, pitching competition, networking, and hands-on workshops. We are bringing experts from all around the world for panels, talks, and workshops for your team to “think global, inside out.”

By Eathar AbulNasr

The series of workshops will cover a variety of topics such as business development, fin-tech, legal guide for startups, and angel investments. Whether your startup is in the tech, education, or creative industry, it is important to reach out to the best educational resources to grow your startup and expand to the global market. Here are the workshops you definitely do not want to miss.

1- How startups can attract funding, with Alaa Shaheen.

For sustainability, startups must consider business development. It is key to create long term value for your business from customers and stakeholder relationships There need to be clear objectives, vision, and a future plan. This workshop will be delivered by Alaa Shaheen, Founder of Darpe, which is one of the fastest-growing and most complete eco-funding and partnership hub in the MENA region. To learn how startups can cleverly attract the funding using business development solution methodology including Scout, Engage, Position, and Capture, make sure to join the workshop.

2- What are the right legal questions to ask for a startup, With Fekretak Sherketak.

In general, founders have little information when it comes to the legal arena. They tend to be lost and confused about what are the best ways to protect your idea, and legal situation around starting a business. Say no more, this workshop will put an end to all the confusion about the legalities for the startup formation. This workshop will be delivered by Fekretak Sherketak to navigate tricky legal issues for your startup. To learn about the legal requirements, legislative laws, and copyright protection, make sure to join the workshop.

3- Do all startups need a Chief Technology Officer? How to hire one, With PyramidBits.

At a time where many startups are involved with technology in one way or another, it is time to discuss the role of the CTO. It is a new executive position that has been brought to the table. Some tech startups have been able to succeed without this position, but when does this position become necessary?  This workshop will be given by PyramidBits in which the co-founders will talk about their own journey and the hiring of a CTO. To learn about what a CTO actually does and how they contribute to a team, make sure to join the workshop.

4- How can FinTech help a business become international? With Startup Bootcamp

Fintech is now one of the biggest trends that can scale up your business and help it reach to an international level. It is a method to gain valuable insights about target customers. It shows their behavior patterns, provides data of their personal interests, wants, and needs. To learn everything about payment processing, e-commerce, money transfer, and funding, make sure to join the workshop.

5-   Creating 360-degree content for your brand, With MO4 Network

Building your business model can be an exhausting experience, starting from how will you position your brand, to how will you get your customers. One sure way to help build your business’ brand is by creating content. Content will help your brand build trust, while also entertaining and educating your consumers about what you do

Editor-In-Chief of one of Egypt’s leading online Arabic platforms, Ranya Owieda, who is an avid content creator and constantly on the watch for content that resonates with locals across the city. She has grown and developed El Fasla from an idea to an influential platform. Ranya will teach us all about figuring out that the formula for creating content that works is much simpler than it’s made out to be.

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