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Code Your Future Opens Up the First Coding School for Refugees in Rome

The UK-based coding school has just partnered up with Italian startup accelerator LVenture Group, to host the first coding bootcamp for refugees in the heart of Rome.

By SWB Team 
‘There is a chronic shortage of digital skills in the Italian labor market, while in reality the demand for digital workers is growing faster than ever before,” says Hannah Roberts, founder of Code Your Future. 

Code Your Future, a successful non-profit organisation that turns refugees and people from low-income backgrounds into professional web developers within six months, has just launched in Italy, thanks to a partnership with start-up accelerator LVenture Group.

“The Code Your Future model shows how refugees can be a resource for tech companies in host countries, providing fresh talent from diverse backgrounds, which is shown to lead to more creative decisions and more profit for companies,” Roberts says.

Founded in London in 2016, Code Your Future has a 70% success rate in finding jobs for its graduates in prestigious organizations such as Live Nation, PA Consulting and in tech teams at the BBC and the Financial Times in the UK.

LVenture Group is a VC holding company invests in digital startups listed on the MTA of the Italian Stock Exchange. LVenture Group Luiss Enlabs will host courses at its Innovation Hub in Rome’s Termini Station, within a tech ecosystem, where startups, corporates, mentors and advisors work together.

“We at LVenture Group believe in talented young people with the ambition to create new businesses; this is why we invest in digital startups. Supporting a successful program like Code Your Future is a way for us to “give back” to our community. We want to support people from disadvantaged backgrounds to acquire those digital skills required in today’s labor market, offering our know-how and the unique ecosystem within our Hub, which fosters connections and collaboration between startups and an increasingly large network of corporates. Code Your Future can also represent a great opportunity for our startups, which are always searching for new talent to hire,” says Luigi Capello, CEO of LVenture Group.

In Italy,  the demand for digital workers is growing faster than ever before, while only 3% of Italian graduates study IT, and only 10% of businesses use e-commerce to sell their products. 

According to the European Commission, there will be 800,000 new jobs in tech in Europe by 2020. According to the Cà Foscari University in Venice, the need for programming skills is such that 100% of technology graduates find employment and junior developers in Italy – on average – have a starting salary of 28,000 Euros, 30% more than the average Italian salary. 

“In their journey of interrupted lives, unfinished studies or integration challenges, many of these individuals yearn for learning opportunities. We want to change this, providing skills that lead to professional careers rather than get-by jobs,”  says Germàn Bencci, Founder of Code Your Future. “We believe work is the fastest way to give a person dignity and achieve integration in society. Technology jobs are meritocratic and borderless because they are based on real skills so anyone from any background can have the same opportunities.”

Applications are open until April 7th, here. Classes will begin on May 4th at the LVenture Group and LUISS EnLabs Hub. The program is also supported by ONEMYF, technical partner providing a Wi-Fi portable solution for the students.

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