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SINGA Italia Has Just Opened their First Business Lab for Migrants in Milan

SINGA Italia, based in Milan, is offering a 5-month incubation program for newcomers with innovative ideas.

By SWB Team

SINGA Italia, which is part of one of Europe’s most active business incubator networks for migrants, has just opened up their brand Business Lab in Italy. The organization, based in Milan, is offering an incubation program, complete with workshops, mentoring, co-working and networking.

With hubs in Germany, France, Belgium and other countries, SINGA has been one of the region’s most active network of incubators, having supported refugee and migrant entrepreneurs like Raafat Hantouch, founder of Bote. Their Business Lab is a program for entrepreneurs from refugee and migrant backgrounds that is particularly designed to respond to their specific needs, who aim to start a business in Italy.

The launch of SINGA Business Lab, as part of Enterprise 4 Integration program, was in collaboration with Soleterre OnlusUnione Artigiani della provincia di Milano and PerMicro – Microcredito in Italia and sponsored by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The program is accepting applications from aspiring entrepreneurs of migrant background, which will be followed by an interview, and a 3-month training program starting in March, which will lead up to the actual incubator in June, which will last 5 months.

Note: The organization is now accepting applications for their incubation program here.

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