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Newcomers in Finland: Startup Refugees Can Train and Fund Your Project

Are you a newcomer to Finland? “Immigration is brain gain.” That’s the motto behind the Startup Refugees Business Program, which offers support for newcomers interested in starting companies in Finland. They provide the guidance needed in all steps from forming the business idea to actually running a profitable company. The participants can seek legal help, advice on bureaucracy, mentors, networking and funding to get their business up and running.

Once a participant has filled out a profile, his or her needs are matched with what the program’s partners have offered. The Startup Refugees website lists more than 70 partners – organisations such as mobile gaming company Supercell, think tank Demos, Hanken School of Economics, mentor-on-demand app Heippa and Aalto University’s Startup Centre, as well as several government ministries.

Startup Refugees support the business ideas of newcomers, and eventually create more jobs for everyone. They believe that working and using one’s talent is the most efficient way to integrate into a new society.

You can apply for the Startup Refugees Business Program here.

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