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PODCAST: How an Invisible Man is Breaking Identity Borders, from Ukraine to Gaza

Today, we’re sharing one of the top panels from our last Startups Without Borders Summit, which took place in Cairo last February. In this fascinating conversation, Tey Alrjula, Founder of Fluus Finance, shares the story behind building a startup in a refugee camp, and how he is now empowering people to operate in war-torn...

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Meet Alyona Mysko, the Ukrainian Entrepreneur Building the Future of Cloud-Based Financial Management

In 2019, a young Ukrainian Alyona Mysko founded FuelFinance in Kyiv, setting off to make startups’ finances efficient while saving SMBs from bankruptcy and unlocking trillions of dollars in GDP growth. Today, FuelFinance is being asked to manage over $250 million for clients along with, unfortunately, an ongoing war. By: Mattia Segni...

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